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Should Marijuana be Legalized?

The New York Times conducted a poll asking readers whether marijuana should be legalized or not. While I anticipated that many people favor legalizing marijuana, their results were still shocking: only 41 people said they were unsure, 206 were against legalizing marijuana and a whopping 4043 people (as of noon on Monday, July 28) were […] …read more

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For what it’s actually worth, if you ask most people, they believe marijuana should be legalized. Of course, we are not talking about legalizing marijuana in a way that can harm the health of those who use it. You know very well that marijuana is presently a prohibited substance in most states and cities only because it is abused. But if you think about it, more and more people rely on marijuana for medical reasons. Put it this way, the plant is a natural and very potent narcotic and if used properly, it can ease the pain of patients struggling with cancer. Compared to morphine and other narcotic substances that are produced in the laboratory, marijuana alters the senses in a way that it does not have severe side effects on the other parts of the body. Morphine or Dormicum for instance can cause bleeding of the gallbladder when used as a pain killer for patients with cancer, whereas marijuana will only increase your appetite and numb your senses so you can sleep comfortably. Marijuana should definitely be legalized, especially for medical reasons.

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