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The Surprising Skin Cancer Symptom Your Doctor Shouldn’t Ignore

A new analysis of more than 260 patients from Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center finds a surprising symptom associated with skin cancer — itchy skin. All told, 37 percent of the patients who'd been diagnosed with skin cancer reported having the urge to scratch. The symptom was even more common than pain, which affected only 28 percent […] …read more

Source: – Healthy Living

Getting sun exposure seems to be the main factor of most skin cancer cases. But there is a symptom of skin cancer that is not often recognized such as itchy skin. Itchy skin, especially if you find out itchy moles which exhibit changes in shape or color and size, or even starting to bleed are an indication of cancerous moles. However, every itchy spot on your body does not always mean a sign of skin cancer but it can also be a sign of skin lesions. It is not easy to identify skin cancer symptom but you can do a monthly full-body check done by yourself for concerning blemishes. There are also a lot of ways to prevent you from skin cancer such as applying sunscreen on your body when you are under the sun exposure for long time and wear hats when you are at beaches or walking for sightseeing, the hats not only cover your head and your face skin but also help you to protect your eyes.

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