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Tips to Avoid Backpack Injuries

As you make your way through your back-to-school checklist, there's one item that could directly affect your child's health. The backpack. While style, color, and the latest “in” logos may be uppermost in your child's mind, how the backpack is constructed and how it will be worn should be top priority. That's because a poorly designed backpack can lead to chronic back pain — and that may interfere with your child's performance in school. …read more

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A backpack seems to be the best alternative to put everything we need to go to somewhere, either it is far or close. From all of the ease it offers, there are risks of wearing backpack in inappropriate way , especially for our children. It is important to concern about how our children carry a backpack on their shoulders and back since it may lead to serious back injuries. According to the health professionals, a backpack should not be wider or longer than your kid's torso and should not hang more than 4 inches below his waistline, they also warn to not let our kids carry more than 10% of their body weight. As parents, you can notice if your children's backpacks cause problems such as poor posture of your kid, neck, back, or shoulder pain, weakness in arms and hands, red marks or deep lines on their shoulders, etc. You may anticipate this by getting them a backpack with two wide and padded shoulder straps.

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