20 of the Most Terrifying Parasites

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We have found some of the most terrifying parasites on earth and will count down to the scariest. We hope you are entertained and learn a little something too.

fasciola gigantica

20. Fasciola gigantica – What perhaps stands out most for this particular parasite is just how high the infection rates are. In some countries, the infection rate for Fasciola gigantica are actually anywhere from 80-100%! Not only that, but it isn't an easy parasite to diagnose either, so you better hope that you don't

19. Cochliomyia hominivorax – This housefly lookalike has a good variety of pox to impart upon you – when it gets in there, it can cause pains so intense that even moving a single strand of hair on the victim's head can send them into horrible pains, as seen in the case of a girl who became its host. If you understand Latin, these afflictions may be of no surprise to considering its name translates to “eater of man.”

18. Strongyloide – This parasite is terrifying on two levels – firstly, it can persist within a host for literal decades, and secondly, it can cause a dangerous infection with a high mortality rate in people with an immune system deficiency. People without this deficiency don't have to worry about infection, but it is nonetheless disheartening.

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